About Me

To encourage and support a young artist's insatiable creativity, my folks enrolled me in performing arts camps, dance classes, and 12 years of piano lessons. They were also featured in many of my film-making endeavors, regardless of role requirements. After transitioning through a standard magic-trick-performing-Boy-Scout phase, I began performing with show choirs, dance troupes, and high school theatre productions. While my portrayals of Tevye and Danny Zuko were notable highlights on my young resumé, I reached my career peak at the ripe age of 14 when I undertook the formidable role of Smokey Bear and accepted the responsibility of educating Colorado youth in the fundamentals of fire safety in full ursine regalia. (#onlyYOUcanpreventforestfires).

In 1989, Santa came early at the Fontana residence and Lou and Joyce were blessed with baby Adam. My parents raised me to appreciate the arts by forcing me to sit through a production of Les Miserables at age 3. And by "forced" I mean I stood in the aisle completely enthralled from start to finish. They also introduced me to my first love, popcorn, during a family viewing of E.T., which naturally led to the production of my first full length (six-minute) epic film saga: Star Wars Action Figure Stop Motion.

After high school, I moved to the other side of the mountains and got my BA in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado, where I had the privilege of working on a number of phenomenal productions with faculty and guest artists. I've since found myself as a transplant New Yorker striving to move past my early notoriety as a bear mascot holding a shovel in family photo albums across the land. 

You can view my full resumé and samples of my work here.